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Previous Gen Morimoto XC Halos vs. Pixel Halos

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  • Previous Gen Morimoto XC Halos vs. Pixel Halos

    Well, I'm gathering items to upgrade my, what I consider, my lacklustre performing Morimoto Mini H1 7.0's and XB35 6500k H1 bulbs, on my 2014 Kawasaki ZX-6R 636 ABS and purchase Amp > D2S Adapters to continue running my Morimoto XB55 50w Ballasts.

    This was my first & only projector retrofit that I did just months after buying my bike new.

    I didn't know what sized halos to go with, but I wanted 3 pairs of RGB Halos. So at that time, the halos available were the XC Halos & XC RF Card Remote.
    So the XBT Halos came out and I toyed with the idea of upgrading to those, but from my conclusion, the only real improvement was that the XBT's appeared more white when off & the new coating hid the individual LED's when off, possibly making the halos more fluid than have separation between each LED.

    Well those didn't last long. TRS switched to Pixel. So, now that I decided to upgrade the controller to the Bluetooth Controller so I can dial in that perfect shade of Kawasaki Like Green to match my Kawi Green & Matte Black bike.

    So, is there a jump in overall performance from the XC's in brightness, color accuracy, Vividness, build quality, etc...? This is actually very important. I'm sure the people at TRS got tired of shipping me a new halo or 2 every few months during riding season forcing me to replace about 3 - 5'ish halos a year. 100% failure, every time, was due to one or more of the wires tiny fragile crimped wires, break off right at the few strands of CCA, not the stronger & more conductive OFC, and the crimped pins, that are so tiny, repair wasn't possible. Only a short lived bandaid.

    I finally gave up on replacing them after my last replacement in the Winter of 2016/17. I haven't replaced my non functioning ones from last year or this year.

    So, with that being said... Is the expensive BT Module and equally expensive Pixel RGB Halos the way to go or is there a better performing product out there, quite possibly cheaper and more rattle proof also, than from TRS? If not equally performing for much less money?

    I'm sure I'd probably be giving up my TRS Hassle Free, Cost Free Warranty. Rather than sending my halo/s in via UPS or USPS to arrive after 3 days, sit on a desk for a day or two, get the order processed, sent to the shipping department, get shipped, wait 3 more days for me to finally receive my new Halo/s after 1 1/2 - 2 weeks, all I had to do was send a picture of what what was failing and how and then show proof of me disabling the halo/s by basically cutting the wires from the plug. Early on, I was sending private YouTube Video Links.


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