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Dual demon eyes in single projector

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  • Dual demon eyes in single projector

    I'm doing research for my headlight modification and one of my options is aside from a retrofit is to keep the factory halogen projector (due to time and cost) and install demon eyes. I think I have enough space to mount demon eyes top and bottom of the projector but I'd like to know if anyone has done it before and what the results were.

    I'm looking at the led concepts single color demon eye in red. I'd like to know if 2 would be too overpowering for the hid (ie changing the output color of my 4500k drastically) reason I want to run 2 is because I feel a single wouldn't be noticable enough unless really dark and I'd like to run them at dusk as they'd replace my oem parking lights.

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    I'm no demon eye expert - but I thought that most automatically turn off when your low/high beams turn on, I believe by a photoelectric switch. That way there is no change to the color of the HID output and helps protect the demon eyes from overheating from the HID output.


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      Only DD have the light sensor I think.

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        you would need to test the output yourself, but i don't believe that any existing demon eye kit is going to be bright enough to simulate marker light brightness at dusk.

        i would definitely recommend either manually switching them off, or making some sort of circuit to switch them off whenever the headlamps are on. leds don't like heat, and running them when the headlights are on are going to affect their lifespan.
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          I can't see any problem with using two sets of demon eyes over one set, if you can fit them


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            Thanks for the replies, came across this unit from TRS and wondering if this would suffice. Would I need to run 2 units since I'm planning on running dual demon eyes or can one unit manage 2 demon eyes per headlight?
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              One can manage two


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