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Body Filler Over Foam Shroud

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  • Body Filler Over Foam Shroud

    Probably going to make a custom foam shroud after I finish mounting my hacked up LED fogs. The foam is 'polyurethane' two part mix. What body filler can I use over top that will not eat it? I bought this for a project a while ago and never used it but now is the time.

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    i think it just needs to be 'plastic safe' or 'polyurethane safe'

    when i did my abs-plastic tails, evercoat fibertech was recommended for the filler. looking around their site, i don't see anything better to recommend(look under reinforced fillers for similar, plastic-compatible fillers), and glaze-it finishing putty, again both of these products are specifically recommended for plastic filling/smoothing applications, though i'm not sure anything is recommended for foam. some foams are a little unpredictable as far as what eats them...
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      Use 3m ez-sand multi purpose repair material. (2 part epoxy) Very sandable, and metal glaze can be applied over it.
      part number 05887