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  • Bolt and Spring Method

    This weekend I am opening up my RX350 Retro that is epoxied and I wanted to adjust the rotation a bit and also install the projectors back with the bolt and spring method. Does anyone have a total part list that I could use when I hit Ace Hardware tomorrow?

    Also how is everyone drilling the holes once you mark the projector location? In my head I am trying to think how in the heck I am going to hold the projector and somehow drill holes while keeping it steady enough to keep the rotation right.

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    Mark it with a pencil or marker then drill.
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      Mark them with a sharpie and I would drilll the reflector side


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        Take apart the projector if you can and make a cardboard template where they are bolted. Take into account where the vertical and horizontal axis are to keep it straight for when you mark for your holes, makes everything much more easier.

        I did this for an older retrofit on an Acura Integra I used to have. Made mounting RX330 AFS projectors really easy as I could find the middle on both projector and bracket and them mark my holes accordingly. If on a reflector then it may be a little more difficult to accomplish.

        As far as hardware, Springs will vary in length and strength so it will be up to you. Just make sure they have enough space to allow the bolts to go through them but not too much that they will wobble side to side. I used 8mm screws, washers, nuts, etc when I did it and somewhat firm springs so they would not bounce around. I would suggest taking a projector with you to Ace to test fit the bolts and so you can more or less see what length springs you will need.

        GL and have fun.

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          Are you guys marking them with the screws already in the projector or just marking through the holes of the projector.

          Anyone with a parts list?


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            I'm interested in the answers as well...subscribed

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              You probably need to drill the center first for the projector bowl to sit it, once you have this, the projector should sit far back enough for you to use the projector mounting holes as a template for the reflector mounting holes. Easiest way to do this is to secure the projector using double sticky tape of butyl tape, then get a thin pick or wire and scribe the reflector. The mounting holes are clearance holes so you don't need to pneumonia exact.
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                You can also make a template out of stiff cardboard, draw your x & y for the center, cut a circle in the middle big enough to fit over the bulb holder but not exceed your mounting holes. Only tricky part is to level the template so the mounting holes are not off. You would also mark the rear of the reflectors x & y to align the template.......... but it's just an idea. Many ways to do it.
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                03 Classic Red Mazda Protege 5 <-- My DD ( HiD rEtRo “Still” In PrOgReSs )


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                  ^ Thats an interesting idea also. I got some good ideas now, and I guess I wont know what works best until I get everything opened.

                  Just wish someone around here had a parts list I swear everytime I do a retro I spend so much on hardware because I have to keep running back and fourth to get more parts and my ace hardware is pretty far from my place.