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H6054 / 7x6 Infiniti FX45 Retrofit -- Need help mounting them!!

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  • H6054 / 7x6 Infiniti FX45 Retrofit -- Need help mounting them!!

    Hi guys, so I seem to be having a little problem with my retrofit. I had a set of FX45 projectors that I wanted to put into some 7x6 housings for my Jeep Cherokee XJ.

    The problem is the FX45 is so damn huge, and I had to cut away most of the headilght housing to get it to sit deep enough for the plastic lens cover to go back on! I was hoping to use only nuts + bolts to secure it, but as you can see there is barely any material left for the screws to go through. I dont think bolts will be secure at all in this case (see below pics). Is epoxy putty my only real option?? I cant find anyone that used OEM infiniti projectors in a 7x6 housing successfully, and I would prefer to not need to buy a new set o Morimoto Mini's as I am kind of strapped for cash right now.

    I have the projector recessed far enough for the plastic lens cover to go back on, but I just dont see a way to use the longer screws that I bought for the project. Is epoxy putty alone going to be enough to keep the projector on securely??

    I dont have my shrouds or ballasts yet to test the rotation, but i think I can get it more or less perfect with the epoxy putty alone. Very frustrating
    Or do you guys think that I borked these housings? I have the other one that is yet to be cut up so I can try again if there is a better way to get these to clear the front lens. What about mounting the projector BEHIND the housing? I have really long screws, and was thinking of trying to mount the projector behind the reflector, and using nuts + bolts to secure it. And basically wrapping the **** out of the projector housing with aluminum roofing tape + lots and lots of jb weld/fiberglass. Basically only the glass lens part of the projector would be inside the headlight housing, and I could trim the shroud all the way down to get it to sit flush.

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    is the reflector housing plastic or metal? if metal, looks like epoxy is your only option but make sure you adjust rotation as it will be such a pain to have to take em apart again. why dont you just make some metal brakets to attach on the back of both the housing and the projector?

    salutes to you for going above and beyond if fitting this massive beast of a projector into such a small housing.
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      Uugh, salute me when I have them completed

      The entire headlight is plastic (including the reflector, which will be painted black). With proper surface prep (roughed up + clean surface), do you think JB Weld steel stick would secure the metal projector to the plastic housing? I can then use the bolts to "sandwich" everything together and keep pressure on the epoxy (though it will be up to the epoxy to maintain rotation because the bolts will be able to rotate a little bit).


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        Epoxy both inside and outside and it will hold.


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          I remember seeing a Jeep retro that used FX-R's and he used L brackets to secure the projector to the top or bottom of the housing. Mounting them that way will also give you some rotational adjustment when all is said and done too.

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            Looks like you're in about the same situation that I was. I ended up making some l shaped brackets for mine. Here's my thread on it with lots of pictures:

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              nice! these 7x6 and 7" round is just hard to retrofit but nicely done man!