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  • Quad headlights

    Sorry if this is posted somewhere already. I couldn't find it. I am about to buy a 1986 Chevy K5 Blazer that I would like to put some led headlights on. It is the model with the quad 4x6 headlights. I would like to know how to properly aim them. Would I have to angle the top light down and the lower light up to have the cutoff lines be safe for other drivers? I would like all the lights to be both high and low beams stead of having the lower light be low beams and upper light being high beams. Would it be better to have separate highs and lows?

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    I would aim the upper and lower headlight down at the same angle. That way the cuttoff always lookes the same. If you aim them with different angles the cuttoff will change with your distance to a wall.

    The more light the better. So going with 4 dual function headlights is your best option I think.

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