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D2s mounting or mini h1 9008 mounting plate.

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  • D2s mounting or mini h1 9008 mounting plate.

    What up peeps. I have a question regarding mounting the D2S projectors in a Dodge Ram headlight. I ordered a set of TYC headlights to retrofit for my brothers birthday. The bulb hole will need to widened to accommodate the d2s projector. What's easiest way to insure the hole is centered? I know it would be easier to install mini h1 type projectors but are there 9008/h13 mounting plates to maintain rotation? I've only seen h4, 9005/9006, and h7 mounting plates. Besides I already have a couple sets of d2s projectors I could use.

    I was thinking of making a spacer that fits into the h13 opening to keep my hole saw centered. Ideas? Thanks.