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Housing Has Massive Gap When Properly Aimed.

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  • Housing Has Massive Gap When Properly Aimed.

    I'm having some trouble getting my right headlight adjusted up so the beam is aimed high enough. I used the adjuster to aim the headlight as far up as possible, but that is still not enough.
    I've done a quick visual inspection and it appears to be the same as the left headlight which works perfectly, but I can't think of anything it might be other than the projector was improperly mounted. Other than removing the lens again and rearranging it I can't think of another way to fix it. Any suggestions to fix it?

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    Clear housings
    Morimoto Mini H1 Projectors

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    I assume the Mini H1 is mounted via its threaded shaft through the OE reflector's bulb opening, right? It is possible that the way the projector mounts on the right side headlight is a bit tilted down. Maybe you can add some form of support to the bottom of the projector to have more positive pitch.
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      Yes, that is the way the projector is mounted. I removed the headlight yesterday to reseat the projector and it seems to be aligning well with the other headlight with the mockup I did in my garage. I will test it tomorrow after the sealant cures to make sure it's projecting properly.