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Porsche 981 Halogen Projector / HID Projector retrofit?

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  • Porsche 981 Halogen Projector / HID Projector retrofit?

    Hi there

    I am a new user here and I want to first off give a shout out to the admins of this forum for helping me out with my login troubles!!

    I own a 2014 Porsche Cayman that has halogen projectors and I've been running Hikari LEDs for the past few months and they worked great however, they just weren't bright enough for me.

    So I decided to go with HID's from Xenon Depot, 5000K. I immediately regretted it as I noticed I was getting an ECE beam pattern, and not the DOT beam pattern.

    Did some research on Google and on the Porsche forums and it seems like a few Porsche guys went with Xenon Depot's and had no issue with the beam pattern even though it was the same car.

    So I was surfing on here as well as spoke to a rep from TRS and it seems my best option would be removing the Halogen projector and putting in an HID reflector.

    My question is, aren't ECE patterns for Euro specced vehicles? As in, RHD European and not US specced European vehicles?

    Any insight would be greatly appreciated.