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Projector install using custom bracket

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  • Projector install using custom bracket

    Ok so my first Hid install on my motorcycle and have a few questions. 1. ON a normal 35w set up do the projector shrouds get soft from the heat produced? 2. Does the chrome on a shroud reflect any of the heat from the plastic? Will they be ok if i just strip the chrome off and leave them unpainted flat black plastic? If i sit the projectors in the custom bracket then use the bolts to go through the bracket then through the mounting holes on the projector and finally thread them into the mounting studs on the projector shroud pulling it all together will the shroud and threads remain strong enough to keep it all together? ( using 30mm long screws the max that will fit.) Ive tried to search but apparently no one has this set up or has ever asked about it so i could not find any information. Ty for any info.

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    1. should be fine.
    2. also they should be fine from the heat of the xenon bulb. Heat from the sun could become a problem.
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      Looks like you should be good with your ideas. The only time I've seen any issues with heat is from the sun hitting the projector lens itself and magnifying. But that's only on black painted surface. Chrome just reflects the heat/light away.