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Sloped cutoffs

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  • Sloped cutoffs

    Hi guys

    I recently had some retrofitlab mini H1 projectors installed and have tried my best to align them myself. The problem is both cutoffs bow so go down towards the edges. I've posted a picture to try and show you what I mean. All the pictures I've seen from other setups seem to be really straight. Any ideas?


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    When you say you've "tried my best to align them myself" what does that mean exactly? Horizontal aim? Vertical aim?

    Did you perform the retrofit?

    I believe this bowing is not uncommon in some of these Chinese xenon projectors. You'll just have to live with it.


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      Hi Evo77

      Thank you so much for the reply. I didnt perform the retrofit this was done by an installer. When I say align them I just meant taking out the lights and making sure the projector was level. Then using the the 2 screws on the light adjust both the vertical and horizontal aim.

      Would something like the morimoto mini h1 7.0 provide better results?



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        Better is such a subjective term.

        Functionally, the bowing doesn't really appear to be a problem from what I can tell. It occurs even in some OEM projectors. Some sweep down and some even sweep UP on the ends. All depends on the lamp manufacturer.

        Aesthetically, it comes down to preference.


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          You could rotate them slightly inwards to level the beams out a tad.


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            Thanks for the replys

            I've rotated the left inwards a tad just to see how it goes. There is still a curve but doesn't seem as bad now. What do you think?



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              I don't think you can get them any better. I'd enjoy then and plan the next retrofit... with D2S projectors muhuhahaha


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                Haha I've already got my eye on some morimoto D2S