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Housings for Retrofit - basic reflector or housing with projectors

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  • Housings for Retrofit - basic reflector or housing with projectors

    Hello everyone, this might be a confusing post title but hear me out. I just got a new to me tahoe and its killing me having the stock lights after having a retrofitted sierra for 12 years. So I have begun to look at retrofit options and my question is this, should I stick to an OEM styled housing and drill out the reflector area to mount my projector in OR should I get an aftermarket set of headlamps that already have some sort of cheap/crappy projector in them and swap it out for something better? I am 50/50 on this one as each has advantages, or so they do in my mind. Thanks for your input.

    For what its worth, my old truck had OEM denali headlights that I did the simple plate swap with the MH1s into and loved it. new tahoe Im thinking either the bi-led M2.0 or a mini D2S 5.0 or whatever they are on now

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    I'd stick with OE housings as the quality would be much better, but the aftermarket projector swap path is a lot less painful.


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      On my daily driver, I used a pair of aftermarket headlight housings only because it facilitated for a quad setup, and I wanted to try quad to be able to use 2 different pairs (not at the same time).

      Having said that, the mount for the projector provided (which had poor output) didn't necessarily make it easier for the projector I wanted to use. In that sense, having a housing with a projector doesn't guarantee that your projector swap will be easier. If the mounting points and/or dimensions are different enough, there will be work needed to fabricate some sort of adapter.

      And yes, one has to be careful about choosing which aftermarket headlights to use. Some are definitely not worth their build/design.
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        Thanks for the input, and I think that what Im going to end up doing is sticking with a stock housing to start with it. I talked to the guys at Lightwerkz and they said the aftermarket headlights I was looking at were pretty garbage for the setups with the retrofits.

        I did some looking today around at stuff and originally I wanted to do with a G5 retro so I could get the width and excellence of a D2S system, however I now noticed that the MH1 ( which I had before and was decent enough ) has a much narower mounting shaft, which I believe I can just use that and thread it in through the existing h11 hole. So I think this might be what i do, since the MH1 7.0 seems to be pretty legit these days.