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weird projector cut off

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  • weird projector cut off

    hi guys,
    i just bought junkyard headlight parts for my car (i know its dumb, but i gotta save some of the $$$)
    ive just installed it and the left projector seems to misaligned so that the cut off is a bit vertical as seen in the pic below
    is there anyway to fix that?
    its rhd btw
    thanks before

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    You won't know the extent of the internal damage (if any) unless you open the headlamp.

    Could be broken mounting points.
    Could be broken projector.

    Hard to really know for sure.

    But I will say this, your right and left beams are very close to each other. I think there should be more separation. This could be another indicator that the troublesome headlamp has major issues.

    Just another reference for the beam separation.


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      ah i see, apparently the left headlight cant be aimed
      even tho ive already turned the adjuster it just wont move
      thanks for your help


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        Sounds like a broken or popped out adjuster then. Gotta open it up and see what the damage is.

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          i've opened the headlights
          i found nothing weird in the mounting or projector
          everything is still intact and nothing is broken or shattered
          ive managed to fix the adjusters tho

          i think ill just live with it :/
          or maybe lowered the left headlight low enough so that it wont glare someone on the right lane

          anyway, is this pattern good enough?
          im using leds in my halogen projector


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            The intensity pattern is not very good. For good freeway lighting, you'd want a good hotspot close to the elbow (of the low beam cutoff) and drastically diminishing to nothing as you go below the cutoff. Those don't seem to do that. What does it look like with OE halogen bulbs?
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              Yes it should be fine. The point at (B50R) that is designed to control glare in the opposite lane appears to still be free from unwanted light. Of course, as long as your headlamps are aimed and set in accordance to the ECE standard which I believe is a 1.5-2% declination.

              Straight flat cutoffs aren't always the norm with every headlamp. Some OE designed lamps do flare the beam upwards on the edges for shoulder illumination.