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Bosch AL Low Beam - Similar bolt pattern compatibility?

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  • Bosch AL Low Beam - Similar bolt pattern compatibility?

    I'm looking to retrofit my Mazdaspeed 6, stock they come with the low beam Bosch projector.

    I know that the TSX is almost a direct bolt on, and is easy to make work. TRS sells a retroquik for the mini h1 7.0 but I really want to retain the performance of a D2S hid projector.

    Does anyone know of any other projectors that have a similar mounting pattern to the Bosch or TSX? I was hoping to be able to squeeze the 5.0 in there..


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    Honestly I would just go with the MH1 7.0.
    Theyíre pretty comparable to an older generation Morimoto D2S such as 3.0 or maybe 4.0 and most OEM D2S projectors.
    Obviously youíre not going to get the same performance as a D2S 5.0 or one of Morimotoís newer led models but the MH1s in my truck are as good or better than most of the oem projectors Iíve seen on the road.
    Only downside is you canít use Osram or Phillips bulbs. However Morimoto bulbs are excellent and hidconcept has some rebased Phillips capsules on H1 bases. You could probably find some rebased Osram CBIís as well.


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      I just found these in the close outs section. Would this work by any chance?