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Passenger Beam Keeps Unaligning

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  • Passenger Beam Keeps Unaligning

    I've been experiecing an annoying issue on my retrofit. D2S3.0. My pssenger beam seems to be lowering by itself and I find myself needing to raise it back up every couple of
    months. Is this an issue with the adjustment bolts or a loose bracket?

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    Could be a number of different things.

    If its a loose nut somewhere (you didn't specify how you mounted them), then eventually you will max out your vertical aim adjustment and you'll be SOL.

    Or it could be that little nylon nut that the adjustment bolt runs through is stripped. Road vibrations causes the weight of the projector to pull forward since the plastic nut has lost its *bite* on the bolt. As you readjust the aim it will just be a matter of time before it falls back down again. Eventually stripping the nylon nut to the point where the adjustment bolt can longer pull the assembly up.


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      It's mounted via C brackets so the bolts are mounted to the factory mounting points on the housing. I suspect what you're saying about the nylon nut maybe the case, I may have to look on eBay or something for broken or used headlights so I can salvage the housing on it and the mountain nuts.