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Aiming Headlights for a truck

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  • Aiming Headlights for a truck

    Currently my truck has 1.5in level kit making the front ride height half inch higher than the rear. Currently my headlights are aimed down 5 inches lower than the height of the center of my projector which is 40inches at 25 feet. Reasoning is to minimize the blinding of drivers side and rear view mirrors that drive in front of me which in turn decreases the distance of my lights. I have had zero issues with oncoming traffic. I am contemplating on taking out the level kit causing my truck to have just over an inch of rake or putting in a 1in level kit to make it perfectly leveled. My thoughts are that if i have rake i would have to compensate my lights facing down which would also hinder my distance because i dont want them be aiming upward? But if i make the truck leveled out so the ride height is the same front and rear i would be able to get maximum distance without blinding side mirrors and rear view mirrors least amount as possible.


    Any thoughts ideas or opinions on this would be greatly appreciated!!

    Setup is 08 GMC sierra with TRS tuned sti-r clear lens rx350 projectors with Osram Nightbreakers stock size tires and stock suspension currently with 1.5in level kit spacer in the front
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