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bixenon retrofit lens is very crooked :((

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  • bixenon retrofit lens is very crooked :((

    Hey. I just bought and mounted lenses in my parabolic lights (H4). However, it shines very sharply on both lenses. Sorry for my english
    Lenses i have bought:

    and i used this guide (look after 2.30):
    I have mounted the h4 adapter on the lens so I do not understand how the lens is crooked? How do I turn the lens when there is a h4 adapter between the lens and the lamp? Please help me and give me good ideas

    low beam

    high beam

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    Welcome to HID Planet!

    Some cars have an angled H4 bulb. Like the Tacoma. Remove the H4 adapter and tighten them down without it. You'll have to do it on the car by eye.

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