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Help with 2013 Focus projector mounting

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  • Ashe
    started a topic Help with 2013 Focus projector mounting

    Help with 2013 Focus projector mounting

    Working on modifying my 2013 Focus ST with Morimoto mini H1 projectors. I know a ton of people have done these housings but I have never seen a photo of how to modify the bulb housing. You have to shave down a good amount of the material to get the depth for the threaded shaft to accept the nut. Does this look like it will stay secure? I am using the bigger rubber washer on the projector and the washer included under the nut for added support. Do most people use JB weld on the nut or just leave it tight? Any advice appreciated.

  • gold94corolla
    I would say that this looks great and fine exactly how you have it. I did mine very identically.

    You can see it on the right side, how I shaved/modified the bulb opening to fit the projectors

    No need for any glue or anything. Just a really tight nut :P

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