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  • 2007 Legacy oem Hid

    I was wondering if there is any drop-in projector for OEM hid headlights (eurospec) Subaru Legacy/Liberty facelift (2007). I was thinking rx350 bix because the originals are similar size , anyone did such thing?

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    You may get an answer here, but the people here (while VERY knowledgeable about lighting) are few. You might be better off asking such a question in the Headlight Junkies facebook page.

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      You currently have "black series" so whatever you put in there will take some work. There aren't any drop in projectors as far as I know.
      Funnily enough I have RX350 projectors for my Legacy lights but haven't done anything yet.


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        Not sure your region as usdm 2007 was pre facelift. If you are pre facelift I know there are jdm hid but of course that means they are setup for rhd. You can open them up and just flip the shields. I'm not sure if there was EDM hid for pre facelift.

        If you are post facelift then there is jdm and EDM hid. But the issue is that they are a different shape compared to usdm (even though they look the same) so to install them you need replace the bumper, both fenders and possibly the hood.

        As far as I know the actual projectors are the same, per and post facelift. So there apparently is an option to open them up and change the bowl to the rx350 black series as it mounts the same way.

        So for post facelift it's generally easier to do a retrofit then modify the entire front of your car.

        Best option is morimoto d2s 4.0. This is what I've done. Takes a slight mod for some clearance in the oem mounting structure. And a custom bracket. I have designed a bracket in AutoCAD and have had some made for my retrofit. I'm considering getting more made if you are interested in this option.

        2nd best is the retro-quik from trs or lightwerkz. This is a pretty easy drop in but uses the morimoto h1

        3rd is like I mentioned before, to swap the rear bowl.

        More info is on the legacygt forum. And here in my retrofit.

        I just reread the op. Do you are have EDM hid and you want to upgrade them?
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          Jepp, that is what i have , oem edm hid , was thinking about d2s 4 also considering the availability , these rx350ís are not so easy to obtain here in norway without paying over 300$ , plus clear lenses.. Donít have problem with some work to get them in as long as it is worth it..


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            I'll trade with you


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              What do you want to trade?


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                My retrofit fitted headlights with modded D2S 4.0's as seen in my 2009 legacy 3.0 retrofit thread.

                I hope convert to EDM headlights with washers and leveling motors as we didn't get either of those or HID in usdm.

                Unfortunately the headlight shape is slightly different so to convert to EDM/JDM lights I have to change the bumper and fenders and a buch of other little things so they would fit. And you would have to do the same to convert to usdm. Which would make your car more unique where you live.

                But yeah realistically it's not something we could actually swap because of the differences.

                One day I hope to be able to tackle that project and I'll upgrade the HID projectors inside those too. Like you plan on doing. So I'll be interested in what you come up with.

                I also like the center console/arm rest you have in EDM. Would love to swap to that also but very hard to get any or all of the parts here.

                If the hid projector in your lights mount the same, and you want to go with the D2S 4.0s then my bracket should would. Let me know if you are interested.
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