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Aftermarket HID assembly alignment

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  • Aftermarket HID assembly alignment

    Newbie here.

    I got a pair of CG® 02-AZ-CO98-PBC-RF. They have HID projector low-beams and halogen high beams. First, the low-beam patterns are very different: the left has a hotspot, the right does not. This is about 7 feet from the wall. Which is correct? How do I fix the one that's not?

    After doing that rough vertical alignment on the low-beam projectors, I switched to high-beam to check, and the high beams are WAY off!

    First, why such a big difference in projector hotspot? Second, how can I adjust high-beams and low beams separately?

    Clue: the units are labeled "HB4" on the glass over the projectors, but they came with H3 bulbs installed. ???


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    So here's the deal, you got swindled. Those lights and the parts they use are the absolute worst lowest quality stuff. If you really did pay $230 for that setup then you got swindled hard core and need to send them back for a refund ASAP. Those housings go for about $120 on eBay and that HID setup is about $50 tops. You might be able to open the housings and put some better projectors inside them but you won't know until they're apart, you may find that they're as shitty inside as they are showing on the wall and nothing can salvage them. Not to mention the quality of the housing itself and exterior lens is very low with cheap lights like that, the lens will likely flake off the UV protecting and begin to haze in under a year.

    Send them back, either try to retrofit some quality OEM style headlights or buy a cheap set of cheap aftermarket and try to retrofit those.
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      As above, you bought literal junk. Return for refund.


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        The bulbs are not installed properly at all (if they are even the right bulbs). And as for the lens, most of the time, those aftermarkets just use the same exact outer lens as stock, so it doesn't reflect what is inside anymore. I had that on some of mine back in the day.