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Hotspot is high mini h1 7.0

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  • Hotspot is high mini h1 7.0

    I cannot seem to get my hotspot down to 2/3 below the cutoff line. I have the mini h1 7.0, Morimoto xb bulbs and ballast, as well as motoholders.
    I have shimmed the bulbs as much as I can. If I shim any more the light projecting out left and right begins to dip down and isn't level.
    Any tips or is it just because of the nature in quality of h1 bulbs (even if they are Morimoto)

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    Iím no MH1 expert, but I thought there was supposed to be more like 1/3 of the hotspot below the cutoff, and the rest reserved for the high beam?


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      Yes. it's supposed to be 1/3 below for low beam, and 2/3 above for high beam.


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        Okay good to know, thank you. But I still can't can't get 1/3 below the cutoff either. As I said anymore shimming just distorts the cutoff.


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          Can you take a pic of the output, and the back of the projector? The bulb could be misaligned, or the Motoholders could be crooked. I had to tweak one of mine, just by bending it after it had been on the projector in a box under pressure for a long while.

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            Wait, so there is NO hotspot below the cutoff? Iím confused..


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              or u can open up the front part, move the shield plate downwards...

              its in the nature of mini H1 require tweaking ever so...