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New OEM Bixenon Headlight Assembly - Bad Cutoff

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  • New OEM Bixenon Headlight Assembly - Bad Cutoff

    Got into an accident and dealer replaced the whole headlight assembly. Got the car back but the cutoff is sooo bad.

    I'd like to be more informed before I take this back to them so that I know what to tell them so this can be fixed right. You guys know how dealers are...

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    What car is this?

    And can you look at the lens of the headlamp (very bottom edge) and find the manufacturer name on it? Such as Koito, Valeo, etc.

    Chances are, to save money they gave you an aftermarket crappy headlamp that looks like original but performs like poo.


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      I know how dealers are, I work for one. We only use OEM parts to replace broken units. Quality parts.

      Did you check bulb alignment or the outside of the headlight to see if itís an OEM headlight or that the bulb is in there correctly?


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        Never seen anything like that before in my life


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          these are valeo headlight that use a projector similar to the one posted in the below thread or some hella projector can't really remember, Believe it or not this is how they switch it to RHD. there is a metal clip on the right side of the projector that pushes a metal shield upwards causing this shadow in the high beam mode and also affect the low beam.
          if you can't do it yourself take it to the dealer and ask them to fix unless you are in a RHD country this should not be a problem

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