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Best Way to Install STI-R Lenses on RX350 Bi-Xenon Projectors?

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    Seems like if you only go with one regular washer it won't, I usually only use one very thin stainless washer and end up with a ton of color. The projectors in stock form do smile a little and yea it's one of the things I like about the projector. The main cutoff is flat but the edges curve up instead of down. If you look at the pics of the projector I sent JVX it's 10 times worse than normal due to that lens holder mod.

    You can get away with the STI-r's if your careful to keep them flat but for me it's just too much of a pita. I also like a little less color from the OEM lenses. My wife followed me for 3 1/2 hrs from San Diego to home in the Civic with the RX's. Everytime I looked in my mirror all I could see is blue and purple. I didn't think it was that bad while driving it but after seeing it in action for that long I'm going to change the lenses out next time I open them up. I love color flicker but that setup is a little over the top. It has STi-R's with a regular washer.
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      does that mean you can get rid of the smile from the rx350's cutoff? also i was just wondering the cutoff shots of the RX 350 from the RX350 vs TL thread is what you're talking about with the really bad smiling? finally, what are you changing the lens back to? OEM or is there another aftermarket or OEM clear lens that fits the RX350 better than the STI-R?


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        You can't completely get rid of the smile the sti-r lense just makes it worse. The oem lense is what paleryeder and now I are going back to. Paleryeder has equipment that clears the oem lense though so it sharpens the cutoff without changing the focal point or risking having a crooked lense.


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          what about using tsx-r clear lens? i was looking around google and chanced upon a link from JVX's website where he used tsx-r lenses in a TL projector and just used spacers to center them.. just a thought haha


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            Bringing this thread back from the dead. I have a Subaru BRZ which has RX350 bi-xenon projectors and would like to clean up the beam pattern and light output with some STI-R lenses. Has anything changed in regards to this lens swap that makes it easier/possible since 2012?

            As I understand to make this swap work, the lenses do not fit into the lens holder 100%--maybe a few mm's from sitting flush. To compensate, washers are installed between the lens holder and projector base to make the lens sit the correct distance from the HID bulb. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Are there any downsides to this method? Can RX350 lens holders that fit STI-R's be purchased?

            Any input is appreciated.

            Edit: Just found this!
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