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AL E46 projector Megane mk3 questions

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  • AL E46 projector Megane mk3 questions


    first of all I would like to introduce myself. Iím 23years okd from the netherlands, new in the Retrofit-scene. Owner of a megane mk3 rs ph3.

    My question/quwstion are/is the following;
    Iíve bought several LEDís for my headlight, which gave a extremely bad light output and image. So Iíve red tons of articles, youtube vids etc. since the alignment of the light source the leds wonít perform as good as h7 or xenon.

    My first option was leds because of the durabilty and reliabilty. But since it does not work properly Iíve bought a 55w xenon hid kit (6000k). The light image is quite good, the light output is sublime (more light would be to extreme) . The color is a bit greenish instead of white-blue, but (where I bought the hid set, said this would be better after the bulbs are more burned in) (is this true?).

    My main question is, are the megane mk3 ph3 projectors made for xenon? Could it be that the greenish color comes from the projector? I still have the idea that there is a bit of glare above the light alignment lines. Is it possible to changes the lens, in h7 xenon. Switching to d2s or others would be to expensive since I have a h7 xenon kit.

    I also like the really blue-ish edge mini coopers produce, how could I achieve this?
    Is the g5 projector an option?

    So many questions at once, but Iíll have to start somewhere.

    the HID kit is the Stealth 55w hids4u 6000k kit.
    The lens in the megane should be the AL(magneti marelli) e46 projector?

    Ps, will add some pictures asap.

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    If the car's projectors were made for HID, your bulb would be D2 instead of H7. So no, it's not made for HID. Changing the lens won't change this fact.
    You're getting a green output because you have cheap HID kit.


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      Is it cheap? I thought I bought a decent HID kit, so the beat option is to completely change the lens?


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        What are my options?

        conpletely swap the lens for this; including d2s xenon bulb, on the stealth 55w ballast?
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          Yep, swap the projectors and throw in Philips/Osram bulbs. Unfortunately you'll have to wait for the shipping. You can get bulbs from, which should arrive sooner (they're in UK).
          You can use AMP to D2S adaptor and use your existing "55W stealth" ballast to get you going. But I recommend you buy good ballasts (Hylux 45w, Denso slim or DLT F3 via aliexpress).


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            How good are the xenon depot bulbs?