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Facelift E53 BMW X5 (2006) Projector mod/lens swap. Anybody?

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  • Facelift E53 BMW X5 (2006) Projector mod/lens swap. Anybody?

    Hi everyone!

    Has anyone done a lens swap or projector mod on a facelift E53 X5? I have an 06 with the OEM adaptive xenons and the output is not so good. I feel like some clear lenses will help a lot. I have been searching and searching and cant find anyone that has worked on the adaptive face-lifted units. I see a lot of threads on the pre LCI X5 (99-03). I don't want to open up my lights without any input, especially with all the moving mechanisms in them.

    Any input would help!


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    Unfortunately there aren't all that many people here so car specific questions aren't usually answered as we often don't have those cars. A better group for such questions is Headlight Junkies on Facebook. But no, clear lens won't help a lot. It sharpens the cutoff and increases the intensity a bit but it doesn't change poor optics. Not to mention you probably have horribly worn out bulbs if you have never changed them. Throw in some new Philips or Osram bulbs first!

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      Contact the guys at They do quite a bit of projector,lens,bowl,etc. work on BMW's
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        Thanks for the advice! I've done a few retro's before but I heard somewhere removing the projectors from the X5's equipped with the dynamic xenons is a pain. I think the bowls are just shot. Bulbs probably too. I love the color, though, but that's how I know they're old -- very blueish. I had a BMW 550i which I believe share the same E55 projectors and the output was much much better.


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          If as you say, the bowls are damaged (and I agree that it is possible), I'm not sure what can be done short of removing them. You might want to source a tiny camera to peer into the bowl from the bulb opening to see.
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