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Clear lens swap onto Cadillac ATS OEM HID projector

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  • Clear lens swap onto Cadillac ATS OEM HID projector

    Hello everyone. My '16 Cadillac ATS Coupe comes with the OEM HID headlights and have the 'frosted' lens of many other cars that really limits the light output and has a super splotchy output/cutoff (compared to the best I've seen). Is there a good option for a clear lens swap directly onto the OEM HID projector? I'm afraid I don't know the specifics of the HID projector as I've only had the car about a week or so. Thanks in advance!

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    Have you tried contacting TRS? They might have a solution for you. I am thinking that there is a clear lens that should be able to swap. It is a matter of knowing whether it is a 2.5" or a 3" lens needed.

    Good luck with the swap.


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      Some of those Cadillac/Camaro/Corvette etc... Projectors cannot be lens swapped. It's more than the lens diameter, it's also about focal height as well.
      TRS should know....


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        I have a 08 CTS w/HIDs. It had a purple tinted fresnel lens that I swapped out for E30 lenses.

        If u have an extra junk headlight u can do some testing with it.

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          Any luck with the retrofit? I'm looking to do something similar and looking for more info.