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Philips NEW X-treme Ultinon LED Headlight bulb (H4)!

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  • It's been years since I've been on this forum.

    Philips 12953BWX2 H4 150% LED bulbs. 2016 Honda Fit. 3M clear protection applied to headlights. The right side is normal, even with halogen bulbs.

    Gained brightness for sure.
    No annoying glare, but has some light above cutoff to light signs up nicely.
    Lost a bit of foreground width.
    Would compare this to my old TSX projectors in 2000 Integra, but brighter.
    A little tricky to adjust for ideal height.

    Sorry, crappy cellphone pics.

    About 30 ft

    About 60 ft

    Crappy shot of LED's on left, and Philips H4 130% halogens on right. The lines that you see on the right is from the 3M protection.

    2000 Acura Integra GS 5 spd (sold)
    Catz MSX Hyperwhite (85W) Clear Driving Lights
    S2K 2K AP1 Retrofit (Prolumen 35 watt Galaxy Kit w/ Phillips 85122)
    Clear outer non-fluted lens

    2008 Saturn Astra XR 5 spd
    Phillips 9011 HIR in stock bi-halogen projectors
    Nokya stage 1 H10 Amber fogs


    • Not bad at all for a reflector.

      Philips is releasing a new updated version H4 Ultinon:

      - redesigned heatsink
      - internal driver


      • Same emitters? The heatsink area looks longer than the original.
        Originally posted by HK45
        I don't even look to see what Eddie writes anymore. I'm too busy staring at his avatar.


        • Well, they had to integrate that huge driver box in the bulb. Unless Philips used some kind of magic, I don't see the new ones performing as good. Especially considering the H7 fail. And that new naming scheme with the brackets really means "kind of".


          • Another interesting note...

            800/1000 lumens

            1000/1350 lumens

            Why the demotion in power? Perhaps for some headlamps the brightness was washing out the reflector causing extra glare or blotchy patches in the beam. Who knows. But it's very strange that a new version light bulb is less brighter than its predecessor.


            • Dunno maybe their goal now is to make the bulb more compact to fit more headlamps. But what's clear is that they don't care about performance anymore. Looking at the cheap connectors and driver box of the H7, I am suspecting that they even stopped doing the engineering in house and are outsourcing Chinese companies to do everything.


              • Everyone start buying the original Philips H4s before they're discontinued LOL

                Seems like Philips decided to license their name with no regard to quality anymore...for example the latest Ultinon 1156/57, 7440/7443, 3156/3157, 194, and 921 now found at Pep Boys that look like generic designs.
                Originally posted by HK45
                I don't even look to see what Eddie writes anymore. I'm too busy staring at his avatar.


                • Byebye Philips

                  2000 Toyota MR2 Spyder
                  2017 Lexus CT200h F Sport


                  • "You were the chosen one" ...


                    • It was said that you would outperform the Chinese, not join them! You were to bring LED to the masses, not leave them in darkness!

                      2000 Toyota MR2 Spyder
                      2017 Lexus CT200h F Sport


                      • Originally posted by HK45
                        I don't even look to see what Eddie writes anymore. I'm too busy staring at his avatar.


                        • Originally posted by evo77 View Post
                          Give them a shot. Report back.
                          I finally ordered these bulbs from CN360. They are the revised version of JDM AStar 8th gen bulbs.


                          I got the H4 bulbs. However, the neither of the two bulbs play well in the left headlight. It's like half of the hotspot is missing.

                          This leads to a shadow in the middle, in the beam pattern on the road. Interestingly, switching to high beam makes that spot lit the most.

                          The shadow seen in low beam happens to be exactly where the high beam is mostly concentrated.

                          The light output and beam pattern of at the right, is fine and acceptable. It's strange. I have been thinking if present day LED bulbs will even work properly with my car's headlights.

                          evo77 Haloruler64
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                          • Resurrecting an old thread but I feel itís still relevant to the original discussion.

                            Tried a H4 led which has 36 flip chips and this was the brightest H4 led bulb which had over 250 lux at 30 feet. Problem is that the bulb fannruns at 70 to 75 dB and has a lifetime of less than 500h.

                            So despite 2 years after the post I made to the thread I am back to the ultinon. I tried the 6000k version. Itís close to the output of the flip chip version in terms of lumens as it has a wider beam but its does not have the patchy hotspot of the flip chip version. It was running at about 200 lux in comparison but no noise from a fan and temperature of the led running almost 40 degrees less!

                            So I am running another 2 year experiment. Will see if these outlast the other bulbs, and they already off to a better start.


                            • Mtwo year old experiment in over with all the leds in a stanley h4. The philips don’t reform as well as the hikari. The flip chips in the lasfit are bright but fail consistently in 8 months. Buy the cheaper ones and it will work just as well.
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