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Philips DRLs (what's the difference?)

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  • Philips DRLs (what's the difference?)

    I'm planning to get a Philips DRL for my truck but I don't know which is the best one to get coz I'm confused..what's the difference between the Philips Daylight 8 and the Philips Daylight 2.8? I don't get it coz everytime I type in either of the two brand names in Google (or even on Youtube), i come up with the same results, but their packaging looks different.

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    kabayan, get the philips led daylightguide it is their top of the line... i have it.. they can be dimmed with night driving..


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      The 2.8 is likely a newer chip and the optics appear to be different... perhaps better. Can't confirm that yet.

      Edit: might be the same chip, but meets Euro spec instead of US? No idea.
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