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2014 Corolla LED low beam

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  • 2014 Corolla LED low beam

    2014 Corolla now has LED low beam.

    It was dedicated low beam single projector LED module and it was pretty bright and very balanced beam pattern.

    Again,,,it's not my car,so only external observations here, but hope it feed some's interests!

    First impression was very small lens projector. Looks like one of Prius LED module's smaller side lens size. Probably 2" or so.
    It has Prius LED module lens like horizontal line groove on lens flat surface.

    Emitter(s) is(are) probably same as what is used in 2 projector type newer Prius LED module. No detail I can tell though,,,
    From it looks, it may have two split reflector bowel design with 2 emitter in it.

    Yes it also has "beam shaper" to recycle light source.

    TRS, please get hand on these and take apart!!! lol or send test sample for me!

    Not aimed perfectly well,,but it looks like beam pattern balance improved lots on this. strong center focus and along-cut off line focus added.
    Around center vertical block beam kinda looks like old TSX pattern.
    Both side of beam edge flare up too.

    To the left

    To the right

    hot spot distribution looked pretty balanced to me.

    Typical LED head light's sapphia color

    Housing had large extension toward back of housing. Couldn't tell natural convection or force convection cooling.

    There was two brightness output by switch. I don't know how this work and when this works though.
    Maybe at darker place??? at parking light ON position when engine is ON, low beams comes ON at bit dimmer output volume.

    When low beam fully ON, it shows full brightness.

    But when engine is off, parking light position only light up amber parking light.

    BTW, high beam was just regular HB3 halogen bulb. It work as DRL too.

    Very much interested in!!!! maybe small enough for easier retrofitting?(I am sure heatsink fitting can be challenging though, at least better than 5 optic MDX or dual projector set up.)

    On the side topic..

    Infiniti Q50 had single optic Bi-LED projector, like Lincoln MKZ.

    Around low beam reflectors uses Rebel I think.

    Couldn't observe well,,it was at car

    Either one...TRS! please hunt them down and take apart.

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    Designs like these will allow retrofitting


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      Thanks for posting.

      On the corolla; where does the recycled light come out from?
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        It seems like the recycled light might go to the amber reflector...

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          Originally posted by satrya View Post
          Thanks for posting.

          On the corolla; where does the recycled light come out from?

          "Recycle" means, projector DO NOT cut off like HID projectors to make low beam pattern. It still come out from same lens surface.

          What's called Beam shaper is Kotio's design term.

          LED projector don't have cut off shield like HID projectors.
          In HID projector, cut off shield is standing from bottom to cut bottom portion of distribution=which develops into upper leak if not cut off.
          That make low beam proper cut off line.

          In LED projectors, reflective surface lay flat and reflect, redirect some of initially undesired light group into secondary reflector portion to make it useful.
          So to make cut off line, in LED projector, instead of cut beam pattern off, make undesired beam into useful shape and use them.


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            That Spruce paint color is so gorgeous!

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              I don't think the technology is there yet to make retrofitting worthwhile. Maybe for something like fog/driving lights to replace halogen, but not to use in place of HID. The performance is just mediocre. Not to mention this new LED stuff is super pricey even on the secondhand market as damaged goods.

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                Originally posted by upashi View Post
                What's called Beam shaper is Kotio's design term.
                Thanks for the explanation. I wonder how different the reflector shape is on the LED projectors like that compared to the relatively ellipsoid shape of the HID reflector bowls.
                Jul 2012 ROTM (3-way quad headlight) ; Sep 2015 ROTM (custom muli-lens 7" fogs)

                3-way quad wiring; foreground limiter; squirrel finder;


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                  It depends on what you require for good performance.

                  If the razor sharp blue shifted cutoff is no longer a requirement, LED can be super useful. Plus there are different ways to get that cutoff, especially with custom dies and optics. You could probably get LS430 performance out of a package the size of a Matchbox... if you have the right design. LED is way more flexible, we just haven't tapped its potential yet.


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                    I'll say it again, I think the output is great for a corolla
                    Originally posted by nine44
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                      ^^^x2 totally agree there!

                      LEDs have come a long way.. just look at that output! Looks pretty much like HID.


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                        Originally posted by mdufficy View Post
                        Designs like these will allow retrofitting
                        i really have my doubts about this. it's what you don't see behind the housing that would prevent such things..

                        for instance, the prius led headlights look really small and compact until you take them apart and locate the massive heat sink that ties all the led's together
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                          also a drowback that!s keeaping me from LED, is the more like a combination of few monochromatic colors (for high power LED or COB) , and not like halogen or xenon which has a full spectrum of colors to produce the white color light.