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Dual beam LED projector Lincoln MKZ

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  • Dual beam LED projector Lincoln MKZ

    I had chance to take quick snap of new MKZ dual beam LED projector today.

    It is single projector now that has low beam and high beam. It's not like Bi-Xenon system that solenoid switch beam pattern, but it actually has seperate emitter for high beam, so I described as dual beam.

    Anyway,,,here is HIDplanet,,picture speak much louder.

    Like many of LED projector, lens is polycarbonate material. it has rather deeper dimple texture.

    It was very hard to aim angle that shows emitter, this was my best effort. Small yellow emitter chip, that looks similar to what new Prius 2 Projector type module uses. No detail on emitter spec I could tell just by pictures.

    Beam pattern was rather narrow, looked like 3 optics Koito system's main beam pattern without side flood kind beam width.
    It has good center focus. Optic seems to have "beam shaper" pretty efficient.

    Not aligned well but hear is closer wall shot of RH and LH both low beam

    Looks like high beam pattern shows bit of emitter placing accuracy issue? Serve purpose but one side is not idential to the other and I do not believe this was intentional difference.

    Low beam very close pattern distribution

    High beam

    Under beam shaper, there was emitter for high beam. Which kinda gives me question low and high beam emitter placed very close each other, how well they manage heat when high beam mode in extended period use.

    Not too much into detail, but I thought this is very good start point where LED projector can be retrofitted much easier now like HID projectors as now its size down to single optic system!

    I am sure heatsink is something bigger and some headache to retrofit but should be much easier than 3 or more multi optic type LED system.

    And it work Low/Hi too.

    I should have access to vehicle next few days,,if anyone have any request, let me know, I try snap some more pics if I can.
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    Thank you for those pictures.

    Very interesting. Any chance you can take road surface beam output shots with the MKZ slightly angled down? (to allow for short road to cover most of the pattern)

    I'm curious if the left and right (low or high beams) are deliberately different to cover different distance lighting patterns.
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      Is it only one emitter per low beam per side?


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        an update to this old thread the projectors are single emitter low and dual emitter plus low for high (2 on the bottom of the shaper/splitter and one for the low beam designed alot like a normal projector) dispite their lack of width they do perform ok considering AFS does help make up for the pitfall its a pretty interisting unit to say the least though the toyota carolla LED units are the real impressive units with a purple/blue ultinon color and a color band (unmodded) that gives a very pronounced violet color and a fairly clean cutoff the MKZ units are not as good a performer but still do alrite all the same
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          Thought you guys may be interested in this. If anyone is interested, I could retrofit fit these into a 2013 focus, fusion, explorer etc....

          2013 MKZ Full LED Pez assembly and Driver.

          There is a fan that blows down toward the heat sync whenever the low beam or high beams are on. There is north of 20 wires going to and from the adaptive and LED functions.photo1 (2).jpgphoto2 (2).jpgphoto3 (2).jpg

          Sorry for the sideways pics :/


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            Nice. Some more detailed and close up shots would do really good to show everyone.
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              Thats quite a massive assembly otherwise I would definitely be interested in it.


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                That thing is massive... I am not too keen with the cooling fan inside a vented headlight though, with all the possible issues with moisture, dust or salt dust.
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