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*Video Inside* Is there a brighter LED then the ones used as DRL's on the Audi A5/S5? *Video inside*

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  • *Video Inside* Is there a brighter LED then the ones used as DRL's on the Audi A5/S5? *Video inside*

    The closest thing I have found is this LED strip that flyryde found (see video)
    But I'm looking for some LED's that are brighter then what's used on the Audi A5/S5/R8/TT/etc....

    Can anyone point me in the right direction? I don't really care how much just looking for something that is the best and won't burn out after a year of use.
    They will be going in a headlamp so for them to have some what of a compactness to them would be good. Also they DON'T have to be a full strip. I have no problem individually setting them and making my own board for them/wires/relay.


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    I don't know about emitter that are used on Audi,
    but maybe some XP-G? for your work. (You need to find convenient optics though, so it won't be strip, and something you have to build )

    Efficient and pretty powerful for its size. I am making LED DRL with 6 x XP-G and even with around 600mA drive, it's plenty bright for DRL.
    It gets high visibility under sunny condition.

    As long as there is proper current control and thermal management, name brand mid-high power LED should be fine.
    If you want overspec,, some XM-L

    Well depend on how many of them, with what kind of optics you are going to use.

    From my experience, with moderate focus optics, total around 5W-7W of lighting power is good enough for DRL use.
    Any higher output setting, I think you are going to loose balance between thermal management effort and usage purpose unless you are building low beam or high beam.


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      Good to know upashi, much appreciated. This gets me in the right direction. I will go and search your recommendations. Thank you
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        those look kind of like the are just white superflux led's..

        nichia makes the brightest version-- probably brighter then what is in the video..
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          Thanks for the link, ill look into those
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            Not sure if you are do-it-yourself or aiming to get the "look" For what it's worth, Dectane headlights in Germany makes some very impressive light pods that are what you would expect from German quality LED DRL's.
            See their Dayline and D-Lite sections, they could possibly have something you're after.



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              Thanks Racer for the link. I'll look into those as well.
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