This thread contains links to basic technical items judged to be worthy of reference here for building LED projects. This is a good place to start studying if you are just starting to learn about LEDs and how to plan your project.

NOTE: quickar has changed the pwm module they are selling. they are now selling a PIC-based module with a much smaller form factor. they no longer sell 555-timer based pwm modules like the baktronics kit.

LED Basic Technical Info
Beginners info, calculation wizards and reference pages.

a good introduction to building anything with electronics:

How to wire Superflux LEDs

Lots of basic LED info, lumems wizard, driving LEDs with A/C etc.

Thread with many links to beginners sites and info pages

Current-limiting resistor wizard.

Series-parallel array wizard

Free software for designing, drawing and printing schematics

Don's LED pages Ton's of info. Check out LED 101

Diodes FAQ

Solder station choices

Calculator for parallel resistors

Cool Android App for electronics calculations