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  • Toyota t100 help and info

    Hello all, new to the forums I've been looking into converting my 1997 Toyota T100 to projectors for some time. I currently have Lasfit LED bulbs. While yes my truck has reflector housings, I aimed them as to not blind drivers. Being aimed that way, it really points my lights to the right and down to the ground to much for my liking as well as still having a tiny bit of glare upwards and to the side, but not enough to blind people.

    My truck has fluted lenses rather than clear. There is only ever been 1 person on the T100 forums that has ever done a full HID retrofit kit, which involved cutting the lens and putting acrylic/polycarb in place, but the edges are god awful looking. I've been pondering the idea of sanding the flutes, but after reading a lot of posts its a royal PITA. I would source complete aftermarket housings, but the T100 is a Unicorn Frankenstein of a Toyota Pickup/4runner with the width and length of a Pre-Tundra, that was only made for 5 total years 93-98 with next to 0 aftermarket support.

    My question being,

    Are using fluted lenses with projectors really that terrible. Is it worth the hassle to custom fab or sand the lenses for an extra 10-15% light output / cutoff clarity?

    Does anyone have a side by side shot of how a clear lens vs fluted lens looks with projectors?

    I have a second set of headlight assembly which I got for free, and had planned to use for this project long ago. I'm planning on going with a cheaper set (50-80$) of Mini Projector LED h4/9003, as 500$ for a set of Bi Xenon HID retrofits aren't exactly in the price range right now.

    Here's the lenses in question.

    These are the bulbs I am currently wanting to go with, They are CO LIGHT Pair H4/9003/HB2 LED Headlight Bulbs with Mini Projector Lens
    They seem to have good reviews and the pictures also seem hopeful

    Any Helpful tips or suggestions is appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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    For the H4 application, I suggest Morimoto 2 Stroke 3.0
    It won't change the original halogen bulb beam output shape much, retain most of the intended beam pattern from that headlamp.
    (it has a higher output volume, so glare with unavoidable with any bulb that output more than the original halogen bulb)

    But it will achieve the most accurate beam replication. No other LED bulb can achieve same level of beam replication.

    With an exit surface diffuser lens ( fluted lens), it will be a terrible idea to use a projector integrated LED bulb as you linked.

    The projector itself already output composed beam pattern, going through the diffuser lens, the beam will look very scattered. Because fluted lens process already composed beam.
    That older headlamp uses a diffuser lens, the lamp itself only produces a basic parallel beam and the lens only can handle parallel beam input.

    Besides, that projector-integrated LED bulb beam pattern looks really bad. Gradient control is non-existent. You have much better visual comfort from the original halogen bulb.


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      I have three ideas to your problem:

      - Maybe look into vacuum forming your own lense.
      - Or go with 6x9 headlights with 3d printed shrouds around it. Like some older ford e150s had.

      -or try to polish the center part of your defuser lenses to be clear just in front of the projector.

      I would try the last option first.
      Subaru Outback retrofit:
      License plate lights with dual brightness: