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Ford Edge turn signal PWM

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  • Ford Edge turn signal PWM

    Hello all,

    I have a 2018 Ford Edge with the single element 7440 for the turn signal / parking light. The vehicle uses "pulse width modulation" to reduce the voltage by 50% for the parking light or positioning light as Ford calls it.

    I tried using the 7440 GTR LIGHTING CARBIDE 2.0 Amber light but I get some serious flickering when the parking lights are on. The light performs as expected when just the turn signal is used.

    Is there an LED bulb on the market that can work with PWM or a decoder / resistor that will fix this issue?

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    Hello. I never read about a dimmable led bulb for exterior use. Not saying that there are none that can be dimmed but never heard it being advertised.
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