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MLED 2.0 Help on a 1990 Miata – No high beam

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    That's the original MLED1.0 in it. Super 7 only comes with MLED1.0 currently. H4 splitter to MLED1.0 driver input can be flip fit too, the socket has embossed polarity notes, check the connection is accurately consistent to actual polarity.

    It is still unclear why it can work with a direct power supply, something in wiring configuration needs to figure it out.
    Try to reach TRS again and explain your observation and situation. Set up you have.


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      Thank you, I reached out to them and I sent this forum and the video. I just tested the polarity; when low beams are powered, I have a positive signal, when highbeams are connected, I have a negative signal (from the H4 harness that is from the original headlight.) I have polarity switchers, but I can't find an area to ground the cable. Also, when I connected them the first time nothing happened.


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          Sorry to hear about the issue macclapper, but thank you for sharing the symptoms, as there may be others who are experiencing something similar.
          Based on the video, it is odd that both low beams are operational, but 1) both low/high turn on driver side 2) both turn off on passenger side

          Dumb question... assuming the ground switching unit is installed on both sides - what happens when the units are swapped?
          Does the symptom follow?

          To re-educate myself - the H4 (halogen) low/high has a separate source/filament, is that right?
          If so, I agree with you and upashi that there's likely a wiring opportunity.

          Not trying to thread jack, but... upashi!
          Good to see you around!!!