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D2S Upgrade HID to LED...?

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  • D2S Upgrade HID to LED...?

    I'm looking to upgrade my D2S bulbs, for around the same price ($80~$100), should I go for big brand HID (Osram CBA), or try amazon LED that offers plug and play (straight to the socket).

    Something like this

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    I would be very curious to see how those even work in a HID projector... My guess, not very well.
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      The HID arc and the beam pattern emitted by that LED (yellow box) will be different. Based on what I know, and what I have read here, I won't waste my money for those PnP LEDs. If you do, I suggest looking at how it fares when you find an unlit section of a road and see how far can you see ahead. There's a very high chance that the beam pattern will be quite bright for the immediate foreground (i.e. right in front of the vehicle) but not much where you need it most ahead. Since the projector has a low/high beam shield, my guess is there won't be much of a glare issue (compared to when the PnP LED is used on a freeform reflector headlight).

      But the beam pattern wouldn't be useable imho.
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        I have ordered the 2 sets of amazon LED as well as a set of Osram Cool Blue Boost and a set of Phillips CrystalVision. Will do a comparison and see.

        Also, what do you think about BulbFacts's LED bulb recommendation for projector headlights? The Lumibright XT1 Gen2 sounds pretty good.