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Need some help with WS2812b and controller

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  • Need some help with WS2812b and controller

    I bought some ws2812b to play with and learn. Nothing special. Just your normal 16.5ft roll off ebay. I bought a cheap in-line controller with the credit card remote. Again, nothing special. The controller is connected to 12v. The strips are 5v but In guessing the controller will power them at 12v and not step down? I connected one strip and get nothing. No lights. At some point when I connected power and I get a few LEDs but no where near all and the remote doesnt do anything at all as far as controller them.

    The controller gets power and ground. The output end connects directly to the strip and all wires match color for color so it kinda makes it dummy proof to connect them. I have another of the same controller but get the same result. I have other rolls of LEDs but again, get the same result.

    What am I missing here?

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    You probably ruined the LEDs. Running 12v into 5v LEDs tend to do that, I ruined a few addressable strips that way. You'll need a 12v-5v converter
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      That's kinda what I was curious and think about

      I already ordered a step down so we'll see.