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ModPod as DRL/parking/blinker

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  • ModPod as DRL/parking/blinker

    I've been searching and couldn't find an answer to this. I've got the dual color ModPods and what I'm trying to do is install them and use the white light for the DRL and the yellow as a combo parking light/turn signal. Its a 99 Miata and uses the standard 1157 bulb for the parking/signal.

    What I've got worked out so far is I can run power to the white light of the ModPod thats only on when the car is and use the switchback feature of the light so it will switch to yellow when the parking lights are on with a wire from the parking light/signal. I was thinking I could use a relay connected to the blinker output to interrupt the power so the light would blink as its supposed to.

    However, this is where I get lost. I understand how relays work, but I'm unsure if one would work for what I'm trying to do. And if so what kind of relay would I be looking for? Also, would a relay be capable of offering the resistance needed to avoid hyperflashing without an inline resistor?

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    I see a problem here that the amber parking lights and the amber turnsignal will have the same brightness. You should try to dime the amber Leds for the parking lights

    I would buy a Chinese DRL harness that has dimmable function. Some of these will also turn the DRL or position off when they get triggered by the turnsignal. But I don't know if this will work out for you.
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      It'll be full brightness in parking mode then flash off/on when the signals are activated. I've used them so my parking lights also function as turn signals.
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