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Mustang LED Logo Project - Need Advice!

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  • Mustang LED Logo Project - Need Advice!

    I have been putting off this project for a while simply because of my lack of knowledge, but I have had my car for over a year now and I want to see if its possible. I want to let my nerdy side out with my car, it is a 2018 mustang and I want to try and install a batman logo on the grill and on the rear with a LED backlight. I couldn’t find a company that sells anything of the sort, which I’m assuming is because of copyright so the only options I have is to make one of my own.

    This is from a bedroom wall, but it is what I’m shooting for visually:

    I have found a few emblems on amazon to work with such as this one:

    As a not so handy person I am struggling finding a way I could place some kind of LED strip or something to give it an outline of red or blue light. In my head I’m looking for something waterproof that could be controlled from my phone or a remote. As I said I am not the most handy so have no experience in LEDs or what kind I might need.

    Any help or suggestions are appreciated! Thanks in advance!

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    Well, that first picture (or anything like it) works by illuminating the surface behind the logo, so that the logo then blocks the light. On a grille, there's nothing behind the logo to illuminate. So it would have to be some sort of custom made self contained system. Like you'd have to make a thin box and light up the inside and paint the front black except for just a thin outline around the edges, which could then light up. But you'll never get that flood effect, since there's nothing behind the emblem.


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      Thank you so much!! You are completely right the grill will never get that flood effect, but I love your idea of carving a thin box slightly bigger to get the outline of the light and I actually think I like that look better.
      Now that I have that part of the emblem nailed down, do you by any chance know anything about LEDs at all? In the sense of what type of strips would work best or if you know of a way to have those lights in the front and rear but somehow power and control them wirelessly.