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Switchback/RGB driver power source questions

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  • Switchback/RGB driver power source questions

    Hey folks, new member here!

    This may turn into a story but ill try and keep it simple.

    I recently retrofitted my headlights(again) on my 14 gmc sierra with the profile pixel rgbw replacement boards and also using a xbt controller. The system works as it should except where i draw the power from, if i go straight to the battery the running lights are always on... and if it go to the running lights for power it really only works properly at night when the auto kicks in, during the day if i forget to turn them on i also loose signals, which could be a slight problem!

    As of now i have the signal power coming from the ign fuse, trucks running, lights are running, all good. Except when i remote lock/ unlock my truck i cant see the lights flash, not the end of the world but annoying none the less... i have an idea of making a relay harness that takes power from both front signals and the running lights but i cant seem to find anything like that already made and was also wondering if anyone else has ran into this problem???

    Any insight into my issue is very welcome!