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How can i light up Valeo LED projectors?

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  • How can i light up Valeo LED projectors?

    Hi, i have a set of Valeo Bi LED projectors, and i want to light them up. I managed to find the + and - in the wirings, but i don't have an idea of what voltage they can run
    Any suggestions?

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    You need the original drivers. Otherwise you risk burning the chips if you apply too much current. And if you find the original drivers you may still not be able to power them up because the drivers use the vehicles BCM for an additional input signal.

    Check out this guy HERE who powered up the first gen Valeo Bi-leds without a driver. Unfortunately my knowledge of wiring and electronics is limited (ie. none).


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      Hi, thanks for your answer. I know that i need to apply the right current, otherwise i will burn the chips.
      i've already googled a lot, and i find the same website (torega) and also this thread:

      I found on ebay the original Valeo driver, they aren't expansive, but like you say, there is a possibility that i can't use them with simply apply +12V

      Also i have found the datasheet of the LED chip:

      they are rated 1200 mA, and it's a lot!
      I have some basic skill in electronic and circuit, so i found that the two LEDs in the picture are in series, so i think they need about 2400 mA.....

      But actually i don't have a LED driver with so much power, and i can't test it.

      I also found that the same person behind torega website is here! tjeret
      Please can you help me?