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1986-88 Pontiac Fiero GT Tail Light LED Upgrades - Suggestions Welcome

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    The fiero sockets are deeper than I would guess the majority of sockets are, or so I've heard, so it's difficult to find bulbs that fit. These where close and could probably be made to fit with just a hand file. Though I did use a lathe.

    After that they fit no problem. And since they are a 1157 bulb, filament "alignment" is pretty good. And thankfully because of that and the large reflectors, I think, these work really well. They are also behind amber lenses which helps with them being more yellow. So the colour looks good. They look a little white in clear lenses to me. They actually look better than the stock incandescents, even though I am partial to the amber colour of incandescents.

    I'm extremely happy with the results.

    Woops didn't crop it right, I'll fix it when I get back on a computer.

    Video against the door, should probably get some still shots from this. This definitely show the difference the most.
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      fI am going to build turn signal and brake, turn signal with sequential setup, and brake for maybe simple brake. I will post some info when I get something done.