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Aftermarket LED bulbs in reflector or in Projectors?

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  • Aftermarket LED bulbs in reflector or in Projectors?

    Hey Everyone from India. Need advice from the knowledgeable members here. I have a Hyundai Grand i10 that has a couple of useless H27 fog lamps that barely give any noticeable light outpit. I want to upgrade these than the main halogen headlamps right now. I also have a pair of around 5 years old H1 type mini xenon projectors lying around with me. 1 was used in my motorcycle that i sold while 1 projector has been lying unused all these years. Now which option would be better for me ?

    1. Get H27 led bulbs and directly fit in halogen housing. The fanless led bulbs i shortlisted are these ones:
    2. Order H1 led bulbs and fit them in projectors and then retrofitting them inside the fog lamps. The fog lamps are wide enough so i guess the projector will fit.

    Will the H1 led bulbs work well in those early gen mini - H1 projectors ?

    Option 1 is slightly cheaper and also easier to do as i wont need to spend time retrofitting.

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    Fog lights have unique beam patterns, Mini H1 projectors are meant for headlights and don't perform well for fogs. It'll work, but not ideal. LEDs tend to glare, and it's hard to know if they will or won't until you test them. And so far, no LED has worked properly in Mini H1s unfortunately.

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