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EL Neon Light Tube Car Powering Source Question

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  • EL Neon Light Tube Car Powering Source Question

    Can anyone explain to me how an EL neon tube can be separated from the part of it that is attached to the inverter where the power source is normally connected, and then utilized to cover smaller separate spaces inside of a car. I feel like people have been using power sources that operate in other parts of the car and going under the panel and soldering together or tapping into fuses throughout the other parts of the car. I know on tutorials they tell you a car only has one fuse box but there are other fuses throughout the car that I think run to that box from that spot and the power can be used from there. They hide the wires real well and it is still confusing to me. I am new and am trying to master something like this before I do it. But, if anyone could explain that to me very simply, I would really quite appreciate it. Thanks! This is for a VW Bug GLS Hatchback 2004.