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experience with 2stroke 2.0s in 2006 Camry

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  • experience with 2stroke 2.0s in 2006 Camry

    I tried some 2stroke 2.0s in my 06 Camry with 9006 lows and 9005 highs. Both lows and highs are reflectors. Both headlamps were brand new as well.

    At first, I thought light output was great. I previously had some 9012/9011s in there with a wiring harness, but the LEDs were so much better for distance vision. There were weird shadows in the foreground, which is probably the result of having an opaque LED board where there would ordinarily be a transparent glass capsule.

    However, I started noticing that I was lighting up peoples' faces as they drove past. Maybe I would be sitting at an intersection watching cars wizz by and I would notice that my LEDs were lighting up their faces as they drove by. I never had this issue with the old halogens.

    I went back and adjusted the aim downward until I wasn't lighting up peoples' faces. The seeing distance dropped dramatically to the point where I wanted to return to my old halogens.

    I've decided to return to the old 9012s/9011s with a wiring harness. No more lighting up peoples' faces as they drive by. Better seeing distance and less glare.

    What I am interested in are the new Diode Dynamic units coming out soon since they claim to do actual photometric testing. I would also be interested in "rebased" halogens. I know "Morimoto"/TRS rebases HIDs--that's why you can find "9006" HIDs when no OEM uses 9006 HIDs. A 9005/9011 is, as far as I understand, identical to a 9006/9012 with regard to filament placement. The only difference is that a 9005/9011 uses a smaller 20mm base while the 9006/9012 uses a 22mm base. You can put a 9005/9011 in a 9006/9012, but the fitment is not secure. 9011s are rated at 2350 lumens while 9012s are rated at 1875 lumens. A 25% increase would be interesting. If only someone rebased halogen bulbs.

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    That's pretty typical. Aiming down means the hotspot goes down too, removing your distance vision. Not to say the 2Stroke 2.0s are bad, but some LEDs dont work in some housings. It happens. SL1s may or may not work, but chances are good since they're very high quality.

    HIDs glare far worse than LED. Where LED can sometimes work great, HID almost always can't/

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