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Bmw LED dual color fog lights

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  • Bmw LED dual color fog lights

    Hello, I have a bmw f10 2010 and I installed novisights dual color led bulbs. I have coded out cold/warm bulb checks and they do work as they should, hit the on and off switch and they do change color. The only problem I'm having is when I turn the engine on. The fog lights light up but after couple of minutes the bulb (drivers side) starts hyperflashing between colors, and if you switch them on and off to change the colors, one goes amber the other white and the other way around. I think its the PWM as these problems occur only when the engine is on.
    I'm having a bit of a struggle fixing it. Tried resistors, nothing changes, tried capacitors, the leds do not light up even if I inverse the polarity. I tried a canbus decoder which supposedly has a cap, a resistor and some pixie dust in it to make it work, and it still didn't do the job, this thing kept them on on the same default color even if I flicked the switch to change the color. I'm kinda out of ideas..I was thinking to get a relay harness as it would power them from the battery and I wouldn't have a pwm issue, if thats in fact the issue.

    somebody suggested to try resistors with different ressistance. I ordered 50w8ohm as I had 50w6ohm and I received the same stuff ..6 ohm, so today I installed them both on the same bulb to give it a try, as being wired in series that would mean i would have 100w/12ohm isnt it? ...well nothing changed. After you start them up on the default color, which is white, they change color alternately without touching the switch, even with the resistors in place.

    any ideas guys? I think the relay harness is going to be the fix.. but the engine bay in this car is a mess, evreything is compartmented, I would need really long cables to get from the positive terminal to every i'm not really eager to do it..

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    Oh yeah i forgot to add a video l, sorry for double post


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      So only one does it, always the same one?
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        Yes drivers side, but they do change color alternately when you flip the switch so both of them have issues. I forgot to say that the drivers one flashes and then they change colors, one goes white one yellow and if you turn them off and back on again they change color the other way around. I did not pay attention to which side flickered because when I had non canbus ballasts on the low beams the passengers side light always turned off when i turned on the engine, so I thought thats just how the germans done the coding on the car, keep stuff running on the drivers side..or something.

        The picture with the lights when they go one white and one yellow.