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Upgrading reverse lights NOT a Plug&Play

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  • Upgrading reverse lights NOT a Plug&Play

    Subaru BRZ Scion FR-S
    What is the best option? I want to change these weak LEDs to something brighter and whiter without damaging the boards. This video shows the reverse light sections (green boards on left and right)

    Light assembly:

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    When I opened the unit i noticed the board had these LEDs for both the reverse and brake lights section.


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      Hard to tell the form factor of the white LEDs, they didn't turn the boards over in the video. Are they 4-leg LEDs like the superflux or Cree P4? Not much choice in that package size. But if they are SMD, the options are endless. A simple upgrade to a Luxeon 3030 or 3535 type emitter would get you free lumens since they'll be more efficient than whatever stock emitters are on there, and you can shoehorn this type of LED onto a two-pad board layout. Then you can get into bumping up the drive current, provided the board layout is easy to decipher for the current sensing components.. most OEMs do a great job of overcomplicating board designs to justify their salaries.

      But that style of flat board gives you a lot of flexibility for a custom setup... Per side: 6 Cree XP-L emitters on metal PCBs, onto a flat piece of 1/16" or 1/8" thick aluminum stock, with one 700mA driver powering two strings of 3 emitters; 350ma per string of 3. Repeat on other side.
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        those are super flux led's. there's really only 1 option. nichia. they make a 25 lumen version. all the other brands are around 5-10lm/ea.

        it used to be that you could order directly from nichia, but i haven't heard of anyone do that in a few years, so don't know if that's still a viable option
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          watching that video makes me cringe-- there's absolutely nothing sealing those pcb's from the elements-- be sure to seal it up somehow!!

          also, i have seen absolutely nothing of quality with 'valenti' stamped on it... i made a post early on in the valenti failure thread to expect failures because of the garbage 5mm led's they were using for brake lights, and now that threads up to a couple thousand posts....

          while you've got it open, i would gut absolutely every circuit board of their garbage and do it with name brand components
          The time you enjoy wasting, is not wasted time


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            @soundman, you are correct. After carefully opening and inspecting the light assembly I noticed the poor quality of it. The whole VALENTI brand is all rubbish. Yes,
            I did notice that there is no sealant to prevent water from entering. Ill reseal it with some Butyl and see if I can retrofit it with better components.


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              i'm thinking some sort of silicone is going to be better than butyl. unless you spread the butyl over the seams with a hot butter knife
              The time you enjoy wasting, is not wasted time