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Best Driver for Dual XHP35 Setup?

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  • Best Driver for Dual XHP35 Setup?

    So I'm trying to create a DRL and am going to be using a acrylic rod that im going to make some machine angled cuts into it, I already ordered about 20-pcs of 1/4" diameter Acrylic rods that are each 18" long, ordered 20 so ill have extra when the machining breaks the rod and not having to wait for more to show up! I'm planning to use two Cree chips to power the rods I'm currently looking at the XHP35 High Intensity Chip, XHP50 or the XP-L High Intensity Chip. My questions is which driver is the best and whats the best for powering them? The input voltage will be DC12V since I will be using the car to power the driver. I will be using heatsinks on them, I want to stay between 350-1000mA and I will be using them in a 2015 Accord headlight if that helps! Would love to hear some feedback from people that know more about LEDs than me!
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    the biggest question is the amount of heatsinking you can fit. more power creates more heat. being a custom drl, sometimes space can be limited.

    the hardest part about the xhp35's is that their forward voltage is 11.5-11.9, which puts them right at the cusp of not working if the car isn't running, which might not be good. this also makes driver selection difficult, as it's directly between drivers.

    what i'd recommend instead is to boost the input voltage with a step up converter before a driver, so that repeated startup's without the alternator running won't damage the driver.

    so something similar to this(with at least a 2A output)

    that would then allow you to run a driver like this, as long as the input voltage is 2.5v higher(need to set the converter to 14.5-15v) then the output(11.9v):

    i would specifically recommend the 1000mA, wired, with dimming, and 5k pot:
    BuckPuck DC LED Drivers
    Product ID: 03023-D-E-1000P

    that would allow you to try the highest power, and then taper it down if needed.
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