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LED Running Light / Brake Lights Custom Build Question

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  • LED Running Light / Brake Lights Custom Build Question

    Hello experts. I am building a custom board to replace my 1157 bulbs for both Running Lights and Turn/Brake indicators. It is a 1965 Ford F100 truck.

    I am open to any an all suggestions, corrections and recommendations. And I appreciate your help.

    A rough drawing of my application is at the bottom of this message.

    Using the LED calculator and the information i have on the lights that I want to order, i should be running 4 lights with a 220 ohm 1/4 watt resistor. But I don't know what this means in relation to my need. I suspect this is for a light that is just on, like a done light or backup light where the changes in brightness don't matter and you just want a constant safe light.

    Moving on...

    According to my layout, i should have 12 sets of 4 LEDs for my "always on running lights" and 15 sets of 4 LEDs for my Turn/Brake lights. The running and brake lights are separate, i.e. the running lights are always on and the brake/turn lights are only on when i turn/brake... AND when i turn/brake the running lights remain constant, they are not connected.

    I showed the different lights on in the drawing, the running lights are the light red and form a circle, or halo around the brake light shown in darker red.

    I understand that I need to put a resistor on each of the 4 sets of lights.

    What I am confused about it what is the correct ohm's rating I need on the resistors so that I get the two different brightness's of the lights (running dim/brake bright).

    Also, do i need to put in any diodes, and if so, what diodes and where? I see guides where some people use them and others don't, but no clear reasoning as to why.

    And is a voltage regulator recommended, like i show below, and if so, what specific one would be right for me? Again, some use them some don't, but it seems to me that i should be using them.

    Thanks in advance.

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    i made a how-to exactly for anyone new and interested in it all like this. you're off to a good start with the research you've done so far.

    take a look at this for now, because it will answer a lot of the questions you've got, and will likely raise a few more.

    photobucket nuked the pics, they're still in photobucket, so playing with some of the browser workarounds can get them to re-appear where they're needed.

    the pics work for me using "photobucket embed fix offered by kzahelg" in chrome, my understanding is that everyone's mileage will vary a little though.

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