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    Ok so as title states I知 not familiar with Leds. I get the basic concept but that痴 about it. My question for you all is; is it possible to take the led from the Murano High beam and make it function properly in a projector (ford fusion). Also, why is the heat shield so large on those for such a small contraption?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Is this the Fusion with the reflector high beam? If so then you'd have to measure out the dimensions for both.

    Heat sink is big because it's over engineered. It must keep the emitter thermally stable in worse case scenarios (hot engine, hot night, no air circulation inside sealed headlamp).


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      No I知 talking about the fog lights


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        No, you can't. Not only is there not a mounting surface on the fusion projector, but the optics for the murano high beam were designed entirely around the LED emitter.

        Also, it is not a heat shield, it is is heat sink. It's large because those emitters consume quite a bit of power ~25-30W and that much power needs to be dissipated. The popular idea is that LED's don't get hot but that is only true at low power.
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          Ok thank you sir straight to the point